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Transit Law Compliance from $60/yr per employee

Compliance: TransitPlus from Leading Edge Administrators ensures full compliance for employers with New York City's commuter transit pre-tax benefit for full-time employees, which goes into effect January 20, 2016. For as little as $60/yr per employee, TransitPlus ensures you are in full compliance with the law, as well as ensuring your employees enjoy this popular benefit.
TransitPlus Debit CardConvenience: Employees that enroll in TransitPlus receive a convenient debit card that can be used to purchase MTA fares (including NYC Subway and Bus, LIRR, Metro-North, NJ Transit and more), and online access to self-manage their account and control how much is deducted from their payroll each month, minimizing employer management of the benefit.
Savings: Employees can use this transit benefit to save up to 40% off their total commute costs, while every pre-tax dollar further reduces employer payroll taxes.
TransitPlus Debit Card
For more information, please fill out the form below, or call us at 212-278-0754 to speak with a TransitPlus specialist. We are a NYC-based provider of qualified transportation fringe benefits.
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